Clara is an experienced midwife in West Virginia. But her best friend commits suicide as no-one would have thought it possible. Then one of her patient dies in childbirth while she wasn't there and she is accused of manslaughter. Her daughter is in Australia, and as her husband repeatedly cheats on her, she decides to disappear....

First she gets all the money she can from her bank account and the safe at the bank, then she steals the ID from a woman in a shop, and she becomes Sara Livingstone and flies to an island on the Canadian side of lake Erie. As she has no passport, she finds someone who transports her there on the ice, with a snowmobile.

She rents a house facing the lake and starts a new life there, making friends among the people, and observing birds on the way.

Thriller, feel good novel, ornithologic book....Pleasant to read, so exotic!